Monday, 15 April 2013

Snap Shots--Free Eye Camp by POS Punjab Chapter at Moza Sarraich, District Kasur

Pakistan Optometric Society Punjab successfully held free eye camp at Moza Sarraich, Kahna, Kasur. dated 14/04/2013. Free medicines and free spectacles provided to a number of 411 patients in the camp. Special thanks to President Iqbal javed, Optometrist Nadeem LGH, Optometrist Sadia City district Hospital Lahore. Their presence and expertise made this event more effective.

Special Thanks to my dear Chaudry Nadeem and Chaudry Aamer for arranging such a big activity and excellent facilitation on the site.

Aamer Niazi
General Secretary, POS Punjab
Camp activity highlighted by number of banners in and outside the village

Optometrist Nadeem Performing Refraction. At least 180 patients provided spectacles free of cost

Free medicines for all. More than 450 eye drops dispensed at the camp

At Least 180 Spectacles dispensed on the spot, Totally Free

 The Optometrists Panel with the President POS Punjab, exchanging views about the camp. Well done team Punjab :)
People waiting for their turn. A big Corridor and two rooms full of patients waiting before the patients in the picture.

Iqbal Javed and Sadia performing Skills :)

Aamer Niazi " Screening in action"

  Chief Organizer Chaudhry Nadeem

I am Sorry but I am Not allowed to talk on this picture :)