Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sweet Memories- 2nd Annual Optometric Conference 2012,Islamabad


I am pleased to share the happy and sweet moments of the 2nd Optometric conference held at Islamabad Hotel on 30-01 dec 2012.

Honourable Prof Daud Khan  

Mr. Brien Holding representing Gold Medal to Prof Daud Khan

Sir Hasan Minto and Mr Waqas with the two distinguished Guests

Mr Waqas "President POS"

Mr Kashif Ahmedzai chairing the conference

 The Cabinet members POS Punjab Chapter at the Conference

Mr Hasan Minto & Mr Ali Minto

Mr Brien Holding recieving shield and Gold medal from Mr Waqas and Mr Kashif

Dr Wajid with Dr Brien Holding

POS Punjab Chapter with Dr Brien Holding

Aamer Niazi General Secretary POS Punjab with Dr Brien Holding

Honourable Dr Haroon Awan, Dr Wajid Ali,Dr Brien Holding, Mr Kashif and Mr Waqas

POS Punjab Chapter Cabinet at the venue

The Two Friends meeting after 12 years.
The Great SHAH JI " Syed Zamir Hussain Shah" and Aamer Niazi

The real friends together at conference after 12 years.

The Legendary Hasan Minto giving his thoughts and highlighting the future of Optometry in Pakistan